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This Beautiful Custom office building is a product of Armor's imagination and creative ability to work with Architects and other design professional to create a beautiful aesthetic value for the design professional's client while maintaining the economics of pre-engineered steel.  The 2nd story mezzanine extends outside the exterior wall to create the oval canopy.

ARMOR realizes that most Builders' are great at construction, but most contractors say they find it difficult to continue to grow or maintain their current business due to the lack of time, capital, knowledge and expertise required for branding, marketing, managing and diversifying their current business. Taking advantage of ARMOR's Project management team thru ARMOR's Power of 4 is your first step in diversifying or growing your business to become a successful, or possibly even a Master ARMOR Builder.

The next and possibly most sought after element of ARMOR's support & training services, is the additional Marketing, Management and Accessories support services that are so uncommon in the industry. Because ARMOR incorporates the Extra Mile Principle principle with our Builders, and knows how critical these additional services are to growing your business, ARMOR offers access to these additional support services, thru your Project Management team.

MORE support services for ARMOR Builders to GROW their business:

Marketing Support Corporate Branding Accessory Products
Lead Generation Web Design Installation
Management Training Motivation Training Estimating
Sales Training Advertising Campaigns Product Presentation

Included as part of the complete support and training in becoming an Authorized ARMOR Builder, your ARMOR project management team will educate you thru the 24-day Training Manual, and Advanced Seminar, the aspects of the ARMOR Building as well as many of the Marketing, Management and business practices required in becoming a highly successful steel building Builder.

If you need a secure area, workshop and apartment at your mountain hideaway, Armor Steel Buildings can design the perfect building to fit your location.
  • Excalibur Advertising Agency: Excalibur's Marketing, Branding and lead generation partnership with ARMOR's Research and Development Team is unsurpassed in the industry. Excalibur is one of the most widely-respected, national agencies that know how to successfully merge your new ARMOR Steel Building's division or product line into your existing business and help them both grow. They have many years of successful marketing expertise specializing in pre-engineered steel building construction - and they are ready to support your near-term profitability and help you to grow your long-term value. Learn more about Excalibur Advertising Agency, Inc.

  • D&JS Management: Provides the Builder access thru the Project management team, the same time-proven mentorship and business building techniques to grow their business, as ARMOR's project management team. This is the same Management training that the Founders of ARMOR used to start and build their business. With D&JS Managements, millionaire management training, building your business is not a theory; it is a proven management training program. This is one of the best benefits' of being mentored to becoming a Master Builder. With D&JS Management training and ARMOR's pre-engineered steel building industry expertise, the guesswork is taken out of the equation and your hard work can pay off bigger than ever.Few companies have the creative imagination that Armor's Builders and project mangers have. This photo shows how simple a little imagination can be, to take your clients budget from a farm building concept, and create the beauty of a steel panel arch building that combines your RV and residential needs while exceeding your expectations for the aesthetic look and value. This is Armor's perfect solution to fit your 'finally retired' budget.

  • Precision Components, Inc: With Precision Components as part of the ARMOR Builder Program, the new Builder has access to an incredible amount of building materials and other steel building accessories to compliment their existing or new product lines. Precision Components is rapidly becoming the Home Depot of the building materials industry and is a very valuable source for the Builder. Building materials thru Precision are shipped factory direct to the Builders client, so that no inventory or warehousing is required. Precision Components can provide products for your current residential, commercial or other construction needs as well as building materials to customize your steel buildings.

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