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As you may already know, ARMOR Steel Buildings, Inc. is a closely owned and operated corporation. By shipping building materials factory direct through our network of authorized ARMOR Builders, our customers can realize huge savings over conventional construction. Our diverse corporation consists of subsidiaries and affiliates located throughout the United States.

Armor Steel Buildings, manufacturing facilities are members of Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), IAS Certified (ICBO) and have the CSA-A660-Certification required for manufacturing Steel Buildings for the Canadian NBC Codes, as well as International Accreditation FA-446 for the International clients.

Today's pre-engineered steel buildings don't need to modify your clients' needs, they need to meet or exceed them.

Over the past 10-15 years, ARMOR Pre-engineered Steel Buildings have made dramatic technical improvements in product cost, construction time and aesthetic efficiency versus conventional construction. These improvements allow much more pleasing aesthetics to be added to ARMOR pre-engineered steel buildings. ARMOR can design to meet your exact size dimensions, even down to 1/8th of an inch. Interiors can be designed to accept one, two and sometimes even three stories of mezzanines.

20-30% more cost efficiency and Aesthetics to ARMOR Pre-Engineered Buildings

There are 4 primary areas of Value added savings that ARMOR pre-engineered Buildings offer huge savings, over other forms of conventional construction. As a result, other types of construction can rarely match the economics of a low-rise pre-engineered ARMOR Building system.

This Exquisite Equestrian Estate is designed for the Elite horse enthusiast or maybe just to leave a legacy. This amazing facility features several horse barns and arenas and was designed with copper standing seam roof dormers, imported Italian stone, custom coated Standing seam roof system along with the large custom cupola. This building has a 6000 square foot apartment on the second level that would be the envy of the White House.
  • Beautiful Exteriors: — Parapets, mansards and canopies can be designed and installed with walls of brick, block, glass, pre-cast concrete, tilt-up concrete, vinyl siding or even wood. ARMOR offers several different types of Stucco and esthetic exterior options that can be designed & installed without requiring the heavy foundations to support masonry and which drastically reduce the labor cost of installing masonry by almost 30-40%.

  • Reduced Construction Cost: — the main structural and secondary framing systems of your building work together; allowing greater flexibility for code, extreme snow, seismic and wind load stability with out requiring excessive concrete foundation designs. ARMOR pre-engineered buildings typically only require a Pier & grade beam type of foundation for commercial projects and can save as much as 30-50% over the traditional concrete foundations.
    Learn More on How to Estimate Concrete.

  • Improved Roof Systems: — Standing Seam roof or other similar roof systems offer savings of up to 50% over the traditional Built up roofs, while offering a lifetime of use, weather tightness warranties and are much more efficient for reducing cost of maintenance, energy, and construction time, over built-up or rubber roof systems.
    Learn More about Standing Seam Roof Systems.

  • Speed of Construction: — Because Armor pre-engineered building materials are fabricated and delivered to site quickly, (approx. 6-12 weeks) and since the building is designed to bolt together perfectly, it requires less time and less experienced labor; construction is fast and more cost efficient. This can allow the completion and use of the building sometimes as much as 30% ahead of schedule over other conventional types of construction, providing a much quicker return to your customers investment and reducing the total cost of ownership.
    Learn More about Estimating Erecting.

  • Warranties: — Unlike conventional construction, many design professionals take advantage of the warranties offered on Pre-engineered buildings from Armor. These include Lifetime warranties and state engineer certification on the structural design that meet almost any extreme environmental conditions that you request in your specifications for a lifetime of use. Unlike wood or other types of conventional construction, the loads on an Armor building system are not reduced or pro-rated over time. Armor Buildings have a lifetime certification for the snow, wind and seismic codes specified. Exterior steel panels come with up to a 40 year warranty on the coatings. Roof systems are available with a 20-year weather tightness warranty when installed, warranted and certified by a professional erector.
    Learn More about Our Wind, Snow and Coating Warranties.

    As with other construction methods, when concrete, masonry or other exteriors are used with an ARMOR building there may be multiple parties responsible for the structural design and attachment. The Technical and Specification documents below are intended to provide information about ARMOR Buildings systems that will assist the project designer in evaluating and requesting the proper design.

  • Technical & Specification Documents available for Download

    ARMOR Steel vs. Our Competitors
    General Specifications
    How to Estimate Grade Beams & Pier Concrete for Steel Buildings
    Sample Details of how to install CMU, Tilt Up, EIFs with Spandrel Support
    Designing Special Deflections to Attach Masonry to Steel Buildings
    Straightwall Building Erection Process
    How to Estimate Erection Costs
    Color Card

Call us today request our Architect's Product Information. The package includes useful general specifications, brochures, sample drawings and other materials about steel buildings. Also our Authorized ARMOR Builders and ARMOR Project Management (PM) Team are available to answer your questions and offer assistance with your next steel building project.

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